Lil Yachty Collaborates With Reese’s Puffs After Rapping About Loving The Cereal

Throughout the year, we’ve seen some truly interesting — and odd — brand synergy between big-name businesses and rappers as both tried to weather the economic downturn brought on by the global coronavirus pandemic. McDonald’s reached out to Travis Scott and J Balvin, resulting in a pair of personalized meals and some truly outrageous merchandise, while Puma outfitted the NBA with J Cole’s signature shoe as the rapper himself aimed at a training camp experience for a possible roster slot. But the latest brand collab may be one of the most unusual as you’ll soon find a rapper’s face gracing your cereal aisle.

A month after releasing his “Reese’s Puffs Rap (The REE-MIX)” on SoundCloud, Lil Yachty posted a photo of himself to social media, posted up with several boxes of the cereal all featuring his signature beaded braids and grinning face. “I’ve done a lot of things in my career, but this is one I’m probably most proud of,” reads the caption. The rapper has made Saturday morning cartoons a huge part of his brand. Now, he’s adding the other half of the equation. Intriguingly enough, the last rapper to execute such collaboration was none other than Travis Scott, who appeared on the Reese’s Puffs box in 2019.

According to a press release, the box will roll out in 2021, and in an interview with Hypebeast, he called the collab a “super cool and crazy accomplishment.”

Yachty is also one of the performers for TikTok’s upcoming New Year’s Eve live stream.