Playboi Carti Confirms The Inevitable ‘Whole Lotta Red’ Deluxe Edition Is ‘On The Way’

2020 is the unofficial year of the deluxe edition album thanks to artists who updated nearly every album released this year with additional tracks in an effort to juice streaming after touring was shut down by coronavirus precautions. Even though he was relatively late to the party, releasing his long-awaited Whole Lotta Red on Christmas Day, Playboi Carti confirmed that a deluxe version of his album is also in the works, tweeting “dELuxE oTW . > yEs” in his usual, mystifying style Sunday evening after asking fans what songs they wanted on it the day before.

The news was naturally met with both enthusiasm and skepticism by fans, thanks to the seemingly unstoppable stream of leaks from the album over the past several months that revealed songs that didn’t make the initial tracklist. However, thanks to the repeated delays of the album due to those leaks, some had a hard time believing that the project would actually come out anytime soon. As usual with such a controversial artist, the fan reaction was mixed between those who want to stream the leaked tracks and those who want all-new music.

Meanwhile, Carti’s release night celebration was nearly derailed by Iggy Azalea calling him out for cheating on her and partying with the other woman instead of spending time with his son. He eventually responded by posting a photo and a video of him playing with his and Iggy’s son Onyx. Iggy later confirmed that they’d come to an agreement to make things between them better.

There’s no release date for the deluxe version of Whole Lotta Red yet. Stay tuned.