Lil Tjay Was Stopped And Searched By Police Officers During A Recent Music Video Shoot

Lil Tjay was back to work fresh off the Christmas holiday as the Brooklyn rapper hit the streets with his crew to shoot a music video. It was here that the video shoot was interrupted by New York Police Department officers who stopped Tjay and his friend to conduct a search of them and their vehicle.

Video of the incident was captured on the rapper’s phone. Tjay and a friend were sitting in the vehicle when officers surrounded it and began to search the rapper’s friend. The State Of Emergency rapper is next asked to step out of the car and he replies “For what?” before following their instructions.

“We shooting a video, boss. You have no right,” Tjay said as the officer patted him down. “This some illegal sh*t they doing right now.”

After the search of Tjay and his friend was finished, the officer proceeded to search their vehicle, an action that frustrated the rapper and the people who watched the incident unfold.

“I’m on Live, y’all wildin. I don’t have sh*t in my car,” Tjay said. “They on that sh*t, not me.” The video came to an end at that point and the result of the officer’s search is unknown at the moment. However, Tjay posted a picture on Instagram that appeared to be a response to the run-in with the NYPD police officers. “All good everybody … stay safe y’all goodnight,” the photo’s caption read.

You can watch the video police officers searching Tjay captured here.