Jimin Of BTS Released His Own Holiday Original Song, ‘Christmas Love’

BTS turned out to be the gift that kept on giving this year. As the Korean boy band released not one but two full-length albums this year with Map Of The Soul: 7 back in February, and Be coming out just a few weeks ago in November. As is the case with most groups, the idea of solo projects from each member has been heavy on the minds of fans, and today at least, they got an update on those ventures from Jimin.

He released his own solo track, an original holiday song called “Christmas Love” in what might be a bid to test the waters as a solo star. Then again, it might just be a holiday song for fans to help celebrate the season. Jimin posted the song on the BTS blog, complete with lyrics and the personal info for the song, which was produced by Slow Rabbit.

He also wrote a note to fans in Korean, talking about how much childhood memories impact our ideas about holidays and more. Listen to the song above, and definitely keep an eye out for more new music from BTS in the near future — these beloved K-pop stars always have something up their sleeve.