SOURCE SPORTS: Paul George Defends Stars Preferential Treatment From Clippers

Paul George took a ton of criticism for his performance at times in the NBA bubble. One topic that came out after bubble play was the preferential treatment some players were getting and George wasn’t afraid to talk about it.

George led the Clippers with 33 points in an opening-night victory over the rival Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday night. He was interviewed by TNT after the game and asked about the star treatment reports targeting himself and Kawhi Leonard. George defended the practice.

“The dudes that put in the work that built themselves up to be where they at, it’s a reason they get to that level. They know what they need and they know what makes them play at a high level,” George said. 


George also hinted that the players who had the issues are no longer with the team.

“Whoever that offends, we ain’t have that history right now in this locker room.”

The Clippers and George are looking towards the new season and not the drama from the last.