Playboi Carti Has Been Accused Of Stealing Rock Band Falling In Reverse’s Design For His ‘Whole Lotta Red’ Merch

After two long years, Playboi Carti is finally releasing his sophomore album, Whole Lotta Red, on Christmas Day. Unfortunately when it arrives it will be with some controversy. Carti was accused of stealing a rock band’s design for the album’s merch. Ronnie Radke, the lead singer of Falling In Reverse, took to his Instagram story to call out Carti and ask that he remove the merch that features the band’s name written upside down on a T-shirt.

Screenshot From HotNewHipHop
Screenshot From HotNewHipHop

Falling In Reverse’s frontperson continued to express his frustrations on the Instagram post in which Carti announced the album’s release date. “Take my band name off your merch on your store,” he wrote in the comments section. “Or I’ll just take all the money you late from it. Either way.” As expected, Carti’s supporters rushed to his defense, but Radke did not back down. “My band is huge, had the number rock song for over a year. The f*ck you mean ?” he wrote in response to one fan’s comment. After another Instagram user snarkily asked, “You own the phrase ‘falling in reverse’ or sum??”, Radke replied, “Yes. My band. We sold millions of albums. lmfao.” He added, “You don’t gotta know who we are but this dude for sure does.”