Doja Cat Debuted A Sultry, Downtempo Track Called ‘Generous’ On SoundCloud

Earlier today Doja Cat let her fans know on Twitter that she’d be dropping a new song called “Generous” later on, and now the song is up on Soundcloud. The downtempo song is less pop than some of the other songs that helped put Doja on the map in a big way this year, and is about being giving to a partner. Produced by tizhimself and Soraya LaPread, the song shows yet another side of the multi-faceted singer and rapper, who can do everything from pretty, uptempo pop to lowkey R&B and blitzed rap verses. She’s indulging in her sensual, R&B side on “Generous,” and no word yet on whether it’s a loosie one-off track or will be included on a forthcoming project.

Doja released her debut studio album, Amala in 2018 and followed it up last year with Hot Pink, the project that includes this year’s No. 1 hit “Say So,” but hasn’t shared much information about what is coming next for her. Instead, she’s promoting the pop-punk tinged track “Bottom Bitch,” another song off Hot Pink. With huge features like Nicki Minaj jumping on the “Say So” remix and appearances on Ariana Grande’s Positions album, it’s not like she needs to put out another full-length any time soon. But striking while the iron is hot never hurts, either. Listen to the sultry “Generous” below.