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Amirah Shares “Tell Me” From Upcoming Album

Malaysian-Indian singer-songwriter Amirah shares “Tell Me,” the second single from her upcoming album. Recorded with Grammy award winning producer Jeff Bova, her latest songs, “Tell Me” and “You Are My Land” show Amirah’s true passion at creating music with a meaning, deeply concerned about the world she inhabits. Her sound has been described as Global Hybrid Pop and Global Cinematic Pop. Epic progressions and ethereal vocals intertwin magically on “Tell Me,” never straining for effect and yet fully impactful on the listener’s emotions. On top of being talented, her big heart and love for others is what keeps her moving forward, and so far, it is safe to say that every project she undertakes becomes major. 

She finds a magical, glowing energy inside her soul that she wonderfully transmits to the audience, so make sure to stream both “You Are My Land” and “Tell Me” while waiting for her full release.