Kid Cudi Has An Out-Of-Body Experience In His ‘Heaven On Earth’ Video

After having a near-death experience in the first part of his The Rager, The Menace mini-movie, Kid Cudi leaves his body behind in the second half, which doubles as his video for “Heaven On Earth” from his new album Man On The Moon III: The Chosen. Picking up where “She Knows This” left off, another scene from Pursuit Of Happyness plays in Cudi’s living room as he’s fished out of the water by a medic. However, in a surreal twist, it’s revealed that his drunk driving accident from the previous video never happened.

Instead, his car is still parked safely in the garage. Unfortunately for Scott, he does nearly find himself in a watery grave. When he’s pulled to the surface, it’s revealed that he was actually unconscious at the bottom of his pool. Parademics rush him to treatment in an ambulance that swerves and rocks wildly on an empty freeway as Cudi’s spirit pops out of his body wearing the same tailored black suit from his original “Pursuit Of Happiness” video from nearly ten years ago.

Spirit Cudi raps along to the song from atop the ambulance as it careens out of control and he ends up in a worse predicament than he was in before. There’s no “To Be Continued” message this time: Instead, the video quietly fades to black as Cudi walks away from the wrecked ambulance, a building in the background bearing the name of his song.

Watch the “Heaven On Earth” video above.

Man On The Moon III: The Chosen is out now on Republic Records. Get it here.