Hip-Hop Fans Came Up With Hilarious Rap Group Names After Bryson Gray Performed At A Trump Rally

In just two days, the United States electoral college will officially elect Joe Biden as the country’s 46th president. Despite this, Donald Trump has yet to concede, continuing to claim that this year’s election process was fraudulent. His supporters have stuck by his side. On Saturday, some of them filled into Washington D.C., watching speeches by “Wine Lady” Melissa Carone and Mike Lindell, aka the MyPillow Guy. And then there was pro-Trump rapper Bryson Gray.

Gray took the stage with two other artists beside him to perform “Gun Totin’ Patriot,” off his 2020 album MAGA SZN. The track features lines like “It’s MAGA season, Democrats committin’ treason,” which promote Trump’s agenda and questions a number of philosophies from the Democratic party. Shortly after their performance, a video of Bryson Gray’s set landed on Twitter, leading some to post hilarious reactions to it. HuffPost editor Phil Lewis took things a step further, asking people to quote-tweet the video with “wrong answers only” about the rap group’s name.

“A Tribe Called Q,” “Wu Klux Klan,” “2 Wrong Crew,” and “VotedOutkast” were just some of the names that came up. They are of course variations of A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan, 2 Live Crew, and Outkast. Other responses included “‘Yes Massa’ P,” “Public Enema,” “MassaHouse,” “Three fifths Mafia,” and “Westside KKKonection.”