ESPN’s Adam Schefter Was Thrilled By His Jack Harlow Shoutout On ‘Keep It Light’

It’s been a big week for Jack Harlow, whose debut album That’s What They All Say was finally released. And while the new music day got a bit more crowded thanks to a surprise Taylor Swift album, Harlow is getting plenty of attention for both his debut and a video he shot with Big Sean for “Way Out.”

And while there’s been some controversy over the release, he’s also gotten the attention of ESPN’s NFL insider Adam Schefter, who took some time from covering the league’s injuries and complications due to the COVID-19 pandemic to tweet about Harlow on Friday. Specifically, a line from Harlow’s “Keep It Light” where he name-dropped the sports journalist and his involvement behind the scenes of the NFL. Schefter tweeted an image of Harlow and the lyrics that included his own name, saying he appreciates the mention and that he finally managed to impress his kids with some musical clout.

“Thrilled after 53 years to make my hip-hop debut (finally some cred with my children),” Schefter tweeted. “Thank you, @jackharlow.”

Harlow seems to have appreciated that Schefter noticed the mention, as he retweeted his message on Friday night.

Harlow’s gotten plenty of attention this week for not just his new music, but also his preference for certain cartoon characters, and now we know he’s made it on the radar of one of the most influential reporters in sports. We’ll keep you posted on whether Adrian Wojnarowski gets name-dropped in the next Griselda single as well.

Jack Harlow is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.