Nipsey Hussle’s Estate Has Been Valued At $4.1 Million, Including All Trademarks Of His Likeness

Since the tragic shooting death of Ermias Davidson Asghedom, the rapper professionally known as Nipsey Hussle, outside his Marathon clothing store last year, his family, loved ones, fans and the local Los Angeles community have been in mourning over losing a young legend so soon. As was already noted at the end of last year, even after his death Nipsey was earning millions of dollars. Outside of his work as a rapper and a musician, Nipsey was well known for pouring his time and energy back into the local underprivileged communities of Los Angeles, and his Marathon clothing store was just one part of that.

According to recent reports from TMZ, his remaining estate is valued at around $4 million, including a 25% share in the Marathon clothing brand, and 100% shares of his own corporation, All Money In No Money Out, Inc. The valuation includes all the trademarks of his name, voice, signature, photograph or likeness which is worth close to a million on its own, along with personal jewelry and expensive items. There was no real estate included in the valuation, but that might mean that properties or other assets of that nature are owned through companies and that is factored into the bottom line.

Nipsey is survived by his girlfriend Lauren London, and his daughter, Emani Dior Angelique Asghedom, and son, Kross Ermias Asghedom. Nipsey’s estate will be split between his two children. For now, London will control the half belonging to their son, Kross, and Nipsey’s family, who currently have custody of Emani, will control the other half.