Fans Are Rushing To Scoop Up A Pair Of Post Malone’s New Crocs

One way to track a musician’s success is through their brand deals. Many rappers, like Travis Scott and Tyler The Creator, choose to collaborate with shoe companies like Nike and Converse. But Post Malone has taken a different route, instead opting to continue his partnership with Crocs.

Despite being a divisive style, Malone’s fans were in a frenzy to get their hands on a pair of his Crocs. The shoes were released Tuesday and instantly began trending on Twitter as interested customers waited in long online queues trying to score a pair.

Along with debuting a line of shoes, Malone has been up to a lot in 2020. On top of being the top-charting artists for a second year in a row, Malone got into the wine market with his own brand of rosé, dropped a collection of sunglasses in collaboration with Arnette, and even started his own celebrity beer pong league.

Speaking to Uproxx in a recent interview, Malone said he’s surprised that his music charted so well in 2020 despite not releasing an album this year. “I can’t believe this many people still want to hear my sh*tty songs,” he said. “It’s crazy with all the talented artists and all the massive records out over the past year or so. For me to have a song on the charts that long is just unbelievable.”