Lil Baby’s Birthday Party At A Packed Club Draws Criticism From Houston’s Mayor

Despite the ongoing pandemic several rappers and their fans have continued to congregate in large groups. Perhaps they’re playing into the mystique of rappers as invulnerable superheroes (disproven several times this year), or they’re just young and naive, but even seeing many of their own being shamed online has yet to prevent young stars from wanting to be seen — or their fans from wanting to see them. Lil Baby, who recently threw a Thanksgiving Eve birthday bash at Spire nightclub in Houston, Texas, is the latest to draw criticism, this time from no less an authority than Houston’s mayor.

Mayor Sylvester Turner spoke with the local news, expressing his displeasure at seeing videos from it cropping up all over social media and revealing that the safety precautions advertised on the flyer weren’t being observed at all. “It’s very disturbing,” he chided. The way I look at it, it’s quite selfish on their part. There are many businesses and managers that are doing the right thing, and I commend them. But there are some who are simply ignoring the healthcare precautions and the protocols.”

While the Spire owners maintained that they were below legal occupancy and even cut Lil Baby’s appearance short when fans rushed the stage, by then, it was likely that the damage had been done. With COVID-19 cases once again spiking across the nation, practicing safety protocols will make all the difference in how long the pandemic continues — and how many lives are lost until then.