Drake Is Releasing Drake-Scented Candles For the Holidays

Drake is taking this Certified Lover Boy thing to its absolute limit. While he’s always kind of leaned into the sensitive heartthrob image he cultivated over the years, the rollout for his upcoming album has included heart-embroidered Nike jackets and a heart shape shaved into his hair. His next move might take the cheese factor to a whole new level though; he recently announced the release of his own line of “Drake-scented” candles in partnership with online fashion boutique Revolve and Better World Fragrance House.

Drake’s offering five scents: Carby Musk, Good Thoughts, Muskoka, Sweeter Tings, and Williamsburg Sleepover. According to Revolve, Drake was listening to roots reggae band Midnite’s Live In Eugene album when he conceived the project and he recommends listening to it the first time fans light one of the candles. Drake and Revolve previewed the candles ahead of the holiday season, and all appear to be sold out at the moment. They’re priced at $48, except for Carby Musk, which is $80.

With Certified Lover Boy due to drop sometime in 2021, Drake is taking it easy and rehabbing his injured knee while continuing to pop up as a hot feature on other artists’ projects. We’ll have to wait until the release of the album to find out how he injured himself, but at least we’ll have something to remember him by until then.