Lil Nas X Reveals What John Mayer Said To Make Him Cry

It seems all the best stories from Complex‘s Hot Ones interview show come from the segment in which host Sean Evans pulls a photo from the guest’s Instagram and prompts the guest to explain it. It’s also probably no coincidence this segment usually comes after the first few wings have lowered the subject’s guard but before those last three tear them apart and reduce them to coughing fits, tears, and pained contortions.

Shortly before Lil Nas X wound up doing all the latter (while struggling to guzzle an entire carton of soy milk, no less), he was asked just what John Mayer once said to him to make him cry as a photo of the two flashed across the screen. “Maybe he said something super inspirational,” Nas answered. “John Mayer’s a super cool dude. He just says cool sh*t.” He elaborates that the two were at Columbia Records CEO Ron Perry’s party once, “And then John Mayer just walks by the pool and says something super cool and walks away. And it made me cry a little bit.”

After that, though, the interview quickly turns toward Nas’s expert use of the internet and memes — right before he manages to turn himself into another one. Unfortunately, he has no one to blame but himself (seriously, watch to end).

Watch Lil Nas’ full interview with Hot Ones above.