Travis Scott Makes Good On A Promise To His Fan Who Beat Cancer By Gifting Him A Sought-After Item

Despite recently deleting his Instagram account, Travis Scott is good at keeping up with his fans on Twitter. Back in September, when a fan who was fighting cancer tweeted that he was celebrating his birthday in the hospital by eating the rapper’s McDonald’s meal, Scott was quick to offer his support.

Jonah DeToro, a 20-year-old fan of Scott’s music, was in the hospital fighting a brain tumor for the second time this year. His tweet caught his attention, and he named DeToro his “hero.” “If I can make ur day better makes me happy,” Scott wrote. “Imma try to get something up there to u kiddo.”

Now Scott has made good on his promise to DeToro, which also coincided with the fan receiving a cancer-free diagnosis. He gifted DeToro a limited-edition action figure from his McDonald’s Happy Meal, which is currently in high demand. On Monday, one of the same action figures appeared on the resale website StockX and had a shocking set asking price of $55,000.

Scott’s thoughtful move isn’t the only charitable action Scott has done in the last few months. Back in October, he chose a select few fans from Twitter who were attending university and offered to pay an entire semester of their tuition.