Lil Jon Isn’t Happy With A Republican Congressman Citing His Lyrics

Lil Jon has found himself in the midst of a Twitter feud with a conservative politician. Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar, who was up for reelection this year, tagged the rapper in a tweet which (incorrectly) cited his lyrics — and Lil Jon wasn’t having it.

Gosar, who proudly proclaims himself a MAGA “constitutional conservative,” was running for office against his Democratic challenger Delina DiSanto. At the time, Gosar was holding 69.69 percent of the votes, so he tried to land a joke about the number by referencing Lil Jon’s 2002 hit “Get Low.” Gosar tagged Lil Jon in the tweet, and the rapper wasn’t pleased.

Responding to Gosar’s dig, Lil Jon wrote, “DONT QUOTE MY SONGS BRUH,” then asked if the congressman was going to help Trump pack up and leave the White House.

Lil Jon isn’t the only rapper who has recently clashed with a Republican politician over social media. When Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion released their internet-breaking collaboration “WAP,” many had their opinions about the raunchy track — including a few conservative politicians. A Republican running for Congress in California’s 33rd District was in an uproar about the song, tweeting that the rappers are “what happens when children are raised without God and without a strong father figure.” He added that he had to “pour holy water” in his ears upon hearing it.

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