Snoop Dogg Trolls Trump With A Convincing Social Media Fake Out

With mail-in ballots still being counted, Americans are waiting on the edge of their seats to see if Joe Biden can successfully unseat Donald Trump as president. Snoop Dogg decided to let off some steam and distract from the stress of the election by playfully trolling Trump and his supporters.

In a message posted to Instagram Friday, Snoop laid out an argument that at first made it seem like he was siding with Trump. “I get it, you hated him 4 years ago and you still hate him now,” the message began. “I’ve seen a lot of hate thrown his way, but this guy is a consistent winner and an overachiever. Call it jealously, call it envy, some people just can’t handle how successful he is and how much money he has, could even be jealous that’s got a hot foreign model as his wife.”

In the post’s very last sentence, it becomes clear that the message not actually about Trump: “I know its possibly going to get worse over the next several days, but like him or not, Tom Brady is turning things around in Tampa Bay.”

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Fans who feel for Snoop’s antics were confused at first because the rapper has been very vocal about his contempt for the president. Back in September, the rapper slammed Trump as a “racist” and listed off all the various groups of people has has “disrespected.” “Seems like he disrespecting every color in the world and everything that ain’t what he is, which, is a racist,” Snoops said. “So, with that being said, people that voted for him got exactly what they wanted. He gave them what he said he was going to give them.”

Check out Snoop Dogg’s social media fake out above.