John Legend Mocks Donald Trump By Telling People To Claim Things They Don’t Have

As of this writing, there is no clear winner of the 2020 presidential election. And though it looks like Joe Biden’s lead may hold, his opponent, incumbent Donald J. Trump, seems to think otherwise. Late on Wednesday afternoon, he took to Twitter, boldly and baselessly claiming claiming wins in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and North Carolina — none of which have been officially called as his. (And in the case of Michigan, it’s been called for Biden.) The bizarre boast prompted John Legend to encourage everyone on Twitter to join him in mocking the oft-ridiculed president.

“Let’s all claim things we don’t have any right to. What y’all got,” Legend wrote on Twitter. He told people that to participate they must “say ‘hereby’ to make it legally binding.” People were quick to join in the fun.

One wrote, “I hereby claim Trump Tower will be renamed Obama Tower, and made into low income housing (keeping all existing amenities) with priority given to single parent families.” Another tried to save a cancelled show: “I hereby declare a new season of The OA shall start filming henceforth,” they said. “@netflix I proclaimth thee my property and ye shall maketh it so. With haste.” A third chose a more comical response: “Well if he’s claiming the State of Michigan, I hereby claim Trump Tower NYC. It’s a homeless shelter now.”