Denzel Curry Wants Travis Scott Fans To Stop Overreacting To His ‘Funky Attitude’ Tweet

A day after shooting down a possible collaboration between himself and Travis Scott, Denzel Curry wants Travis Scott fans to stop overreacting to his tweet about the Houstonian rapper. When the “Black Balloon” rapper told a fan that Scott had a “funky” attitude in response to a question about working with him, Travis’ fans apparently took the comment personally. Today, Denzel sent a string of tweets commenting on the situation, saying, “I got stans and n****s with no hairline coming at me about their favorite rapper.”

Curry seemed nonplussed about the feedback, tweeting, “Lol people really mad about me keepin it real about their favorite artist,” and characterizing the response with a typically sardonic quip. “They actin like I DDT Their grandma or sumn,” he ribbed. He added in his own suggestion for resolving the issue: “Let’s start a boxing league for rappers that don’t like each other.” Considering how often fans clamor for a sequel to EA’s Def Jam Vendetta rap-wrestling game, it does seem like there’d be some interest.

Denzel did have a boxing-adjacent tour series going late last year and earlier this year but his Red Bull Zeltron World Wide battles were, like the rest of the live entertainment industry, struck down by the COVID-19 response. Before that, his planned joust with JID was postponed due to JID’s wrecked vocal cords, while his matchup with Rico Nasty was outright canceled by the coronavirus quarantine. Maybe when all this is over, they can make another attempt — and get Travis Scott on the bill, funky attitude or no.