Saweetie Shared A Hilarious Story About The Moment Her Mom Knew She ‘Made It’

For the past three summers, Saweetie has been a force to be reckoned with. She made her entrance in 2018 with her breakout record, “Icy Grl,” found success again the following year with “My Type,” and this year struck gold for a third time thanks to “Tap In.” Currently, Saweetie is hard at work on her upcoming debut album, Pretty B*tch Music. The Bay Area native sat down for an interview with Elite, where she talked about the moment her mom knew she made it in the industry.

“My mom always knew I wanted to do music, but she felt like I made it when she was at a Pilates class and they played ‘Icy Grl,’” Saweetie said. She didn’t even assume her daughter was well-known enough to be played by strangers. “She goes up to the instructors, ‘Are you my daughter’s friend?’ And the instructor’s like, ‘Lady, what are you talking about?’”

Saweetie also vented her frustrations over being compared to other women in music. “The women who came before me served as inspiration,” Saweetie said. “But I just don’t like when people compare and contrast to pit women against each other or to put another woman down. I definitely feel like women have to fight, and not just in music, but also in the corporate world or in any other industry.”

(via Elite)

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