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Seekay Chooses Beauty Over Chaos On Latest Electronica-Pop Single “Wiser”

The mysterious London-based artist Seekay has just returned with a latest single, “Wiser.” His third collaboration with the beautiful singer Chloe continues distilling the vibes he has become known to create, a kind of electronica-pop that seduces a wide public, thanks to poetic and deep lyrics, as well as incredibly transportative soundscapes. When listening to almost any of Seekay’s tracks, a heavenly atmosphere seems to be generated around us, filling the air with calmness, oneness, and love, despite the sometimes nostalgic and sad lyrics. Chloe and Seekay are one more time taking the genre’s fans by surprise, and we truly hope the two will continue their outstanding collaboration that until now was a the root of their singles, “Fall,” “Hold,” and now “Wiser.”