If You Love Old School, Dirty Harry Will Soon Become One Of Your Favorites With His New Releases “Sleepless Nights” And “Blue Face”

If you hear everyone talking about Dirty Harry, you probably already know why. Harry Wright, Broward, FL-based Harry Wright, better known as Dirty Harry, recently released two new hip-hop bombs titled “Blue Face” and “Sleepless Nights.” Should I tell you how lit both tracks are, or will you check that yourself? They say better see something once than hear about it a thousand times. The artist pours his old school vibe at you from the very first verses and does not weaken the temper. Both “Blue Face” and “Sleepless Nights” are special tributes to where he comes from and his future as an artist memorable for the rap game. His ambitions are high but so are his dedication and talent. If you are done with stupid cliche themes like money and fame and want something native to the streets, something with the spirit of 90s’ Master P, Tupac, and Dr.Dre sounding rap, then Dirty Harry is going to be someone you will hear a lot.