Spillage Village Went To Church For Their NPR Tiny Desk Performance

Historically, one of the hallmarks of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series has been visual consistency. While they’ve had a broad array of artists participate, they’ve all been backed by the same area of the NPR offices, so at a glance, any performance looks pretty much like any other one. That has changed this year, though, as the pandemic has altered the foundation of the series. In recent months, artists have been doing Tiny Desk performances from other locations. Some just stayed home, while BTS when to a record shop and King Princess holed up in a “quarantine shed.”

Now Spillage Village have gotten their own Tiny Desk concert, and they decided to take to a church. While they were all arranged around the altar, they got by on a technicality by putting a small desk in front of them, which is more thematic effort than other at-home performers put in. The group (minus 6lack, who was unable to be there for the performance due to travel restrictions) played a four-song set, kicking off with “End Of Daze” before moving on to “Baptize,” “Hapi,” and “Jupiter.”

Meanwhile, Spillage Village members Earthgang had another new endeavor released today: They feature on “Opium” from the new Gorillaz collection, Song Machine, Season One.

Watch Spillage Village’s Tiny Desk performance above.