Lou Williams Gives Solid Advice to Fan Asking How to Introduce His Two Girlfriends to Each Other

Lou Williams isn’t one to withhold game and wisdom to himself.

Williams has been open in the past about having two girlfriends at once. At one point, he was openly dating two women who were said to be fine with the arrangement.

On Monday, a Twitter follower asked Williams for advice on introducing two girlfriends to each other. Williams laid down some good game and knowledge.


Now before you think Williams is crazy for giving this advice, there is definitely some truth in the middle here.

Williams is simply letting Twitter followers know that if you have to ask that question, it’s probably too late and you got to hope for the best.

Williams defended his situation in the past, and you have to keep in mind, he never cheated on any of them. There’s a difference between cheating on women and having multiple girlfriends who are open to the arrangement

Hopefully one day, Williams will give out more advice on how to juggle two women at the same time, or at least have a masterclass discussion about this topic at Magic City, where you can enjoy his namesake wings, lemon pepper Lou.