50 Cent Says He’s Going To Leave The US If Trump Loses The Election

Joe Biden shared his proposed tax plan this week. The candidate plans to raise taxes only on citizens making over $400,000 while cutting taxes for everyone making less than that — and 50 Cent isn’t happy. After finding out that the wealthiest people living in California, New York, and New Jersey could see up to 62% of their income taxed before deductions, credits, offsets, and loopholes under Biden’s plan, the rapper has decided to leave the US if the candidate wins the election.

50 shared his endorsement of Trump on Monday, saying he’s voting for the incumbent even if “doesn’t like black people.” Taking things one step further Tuesday, the rapper said he’s ready to pack up and move out of the US entirely if Trump loses his bid for a second term.

Announcing his plan on social media, 50 wrote: “explain 62% to me. I’m packing my bags everybody that has money is gonna move.”

While many of 50’s listeners have expressed their disappointment in his Trump endorsement, including his ex-girlfriend Chelsea Handler, Fox News host Tomi Lahren is welcoming the rapper to the Republican Party with open arms. After 50 said he would be voting for Trump, Lahren praise the rapper for joining her on the “Trump Train.”

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