Music Composer Kurt Farquhar Explains How The ‘Moesha’ Theme Song Was Created in 15 Minutes at The Gumbo’s Virtual Televisionary Dinner

Kurt Farquhar is a seven-time BMI award-winning music composer who is responsible for the music behind our favorite shows like Moesha, Girlfriends, Sister Sister, The Game, and the list goes on.

A classic show is always married to a theme song you can’t help but sing a long to, and that’s the case for Moesha.

Kurt was a special guest at The Gumbo‘s virtual televisionary dinner, and he described the creation of the theme song for Brandy’s hit sitcom as attendees ate and sipped on cocktails sponsored by Red Bull.


He said that he immediately began working on the Moesha theme song the same day the producers requested it. As he got started on the beat, the producers called back saying that Brandy wanted to co-write the song because she had some ideas.

Although he already started he still hashed it out to see what they can come up with. “I got this idea and she started singing ‘Mo-to the-E-to-the,” Moesha said in the studio and Kurt knew that she would like what he already started. “It was in the same key as the piece of music I was doing, it changed at the same place as my piece of music changed, it ended right at the moment as my piece of music,” he said, describing the deja vu moment they shared.

Brandy sang her version of the song as Kurt played his version and the rest was history.

Kurt Farquhar and Brandy remixed the original theme song, but the elements stayed the same throughout each version.

Check out the video below with the theme song from all six seasons of Moesha and let us know which one was your favorite.