SOURCE SPORTS: Joaquin Buckley Delivered One Of Best Knockouts In UFC History

Every so often we see a knockout in MMA that will leave us speechless. That knockout happened in the UFC on Saturday.

Joaquin Buckley delivered the UFC knockout of the year with an absolutely incredible KO at UFC Fight Island 5 on Saturday night in the United Arab Emirates.

A little past the midway part of Round 2 of what had been an excellent middleweight fight, Buckley threw a left kick to the body that Impa  Kasanganay caught.


As Kasanganay held Buckley’s foot, Buckley pivoted and circled 360 degrees and when he came back to where he started, he kicked Kasanganay with his other foot squarely in Kasanganay’s face. 

Kasanganay fell to the floor like a stack of brinks. He was clearly knocked out and the ref came in and stop the fight immediately.

According to ESPN Stats & Information, that’s only the fourth spinning back kick to the head knockout in UFC history.

Buckley felt he was in line for all sorts of bonuses for the incredible performance.

“We drill to kill, but I never landed it in a fight before. He was coming hard, he had heavy pressure, so I said, ‘Why not throw it?’” Buckley said after the game.

Buckley is right, cut him all the fight bonuses. We will remember this knockout for a long time to come.