Travis Scott And Bryson Tiller Discuss Raising Black Daughters In Today’s Climate On .Wav Radio

On a recent episode of .Wav Radio, Chase B and Travis Scott invited Bryson Tiller to the show to chop it up with them as well as share new music the two artists had in store. While much of the excitement came from the unreleased tracks Scott and Tiller shared, one of which is titled “Blunt Talk” and would be their first song since 2016’s “First Take,” the two also got serious during their discussion and spoke on what it’s like raising Black daughters in today’s unstable climate.

Travis spoke first and said it was extremely important to protect “our young Black daughters” and ensure they are told all the necessary things to navigate the world as safely as possible.

I feel like it’s way more important now to protect our young Black daughters, women. You know what I mean? And making sure they had the knowledge of just how to carry yourself, how to move in this world, how to be strong, how to not even be scared to take that risk on any idea. Jump out on any type of creativity because now more than ever, it’s like they have the vision. You know what I’m saying? Whether it’s for anything a man can do, anything a woman can do. They got the pure vision.

Bryson later chimed in with an answer of his own, revealing how much of a source of inspiration his daughter is to him when it comes to his creative endeavors before revealing his thoughts on the Breonna Taylor shooting, which occurred in his home state of Kentucky.

My daughter’s super creative, man. And she’ll be giving me ideas for crazy stuff. Listen to my music in the studio and vibe with me. It’s crazy what’s going on though, especially back in my hometown. You all know they just calling Louisville the epicenter for what’s going on with Breonna Taylor and everything that happened. And man, I ain’t never seen nothing like it happen in my life. I was just like, “Wow.” I’m 27 years old. I been dealt with racism plenty of times. You know what I mean? Growing up, walking down the street, just normal. It was normal to me

The conversation between Bryson and Travis comes at high points in their respective careers. Bryson is fresh off the release of his third album, Anniversary while Travis just notched another No. 1 single thanks to “Franchise” with Young Thug and MIA. You can listen to the .Wav Radio episode here.