Bill Burr Jokes That He Could Replace Morgan Wallen As Musical Guest In An ‘SNL’ Promo

It is Saturday Night Live tradition that a few days before the show airs, the guest host and musical guest join one of the SNL cast members to film a slew of simple promos. Things went a bit differently there, this week, since the upcoming episode doesn’t currently have an announced musical guest thanks to Morgan Wallen’s antics. So, host Bill Burr linked up with Keenan Thompson to record the promos and took the opportunity to joke about the Wallen situation.

The first bit saw Burr joking about filming the “awkward promo.” In the second and last one, Burr turns to Thompson and asks, “Hey Keenan, maybe they’ll let me do my music, too, huh?” Burr then asks some folks off camera if he could actually do it, and after seemingly not getting the answer he was hoping for, says, “Eh, that’s a no. Kind of hard to tell with the masks.” Thompson insisted, “I heard a clear ‘no,’” to which Burr replied, “I saw it, too.”

While Burr probably doesn’t really expect to be named this week’s musical guest, he’s not devoid of talent in that arena, as he’s actually a pretty good drummer. For example, I’ll leave you with this video of him covering AC/DC’s “Kicked In The Teeth” with Dean Delray, Anthrax’s Scott Ian, and Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx at a Bon Scott tribute show in 2018: