YG Satirizes Donald Trump In His Salacious ‘Jealous’ Video

It’s probably safe to say at this point that Donald Trump and YG will never get along. The Compton rapper not only criticizes the then-presidential candidate back in 2016 with his Nipsey Hussle-featuring single “FDT” (which stands for “F*ck Donald Trump”), he’s been pretty adamant ever since about getting his fans to sing along. He even once needled Trump by bringing out former porn star Stormy Daniels at a show after Trump was accused of paying her off to hide an affair.

So there won’t be much love lost due to YG’s video for “Jealous” from his new album My Life 4Hunnid. Dropping just days after Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19, the video satirizes the former game show host as a drug-addled, sex-crazed, gangster wannabe (ahem) via an impersonator who parties with strippers in sets evoking the Oval Office, an American flag backdrop, and the hangar for the Presidential jet, Air Force One. The video even ends with a “Vote” message from YG, as if to ask, “Is this really the guy who should be running anything?”

YG’s never been the most political rapper, but he has used his view from the streets to scrutinize more authority figures than just Trump. He kicked off the promotional cycle for his latest album with “FTP” (same naming convention, just swap “The Police” for “Donald Trump”) and described an encounter with law enforcement that left his kids shaken up from having guns pointed at them.

Watch YG’s “Jealous” video above.

My Life 4Hunnid is out now via Def Jam. Get it here.