Ella Mai Gets In Her Feelings With The Vibrant ‘Not Another Love Song’ On ‘Colbert’

UK singer Ella Mai soared to the mainstream when she gained recognition for her playful track “Boo’d Up.” The song awarded Ella with a 2019 Grammy for Best R&B song and a Billboard Music Award for Top R&B Song. Ever since, the singer has remained out of the spotlight, but now, Ella is back with “Not Another Love Song,” her first solo track in two years.

Taking the soulful single to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Ella gave a vibrant performance of the track. Taking the stage, Ella teems with warm feelings over her new love interest, but is hesitant to be direct with her emotions. “Deep in, swimmin’ in my feelings / I’ve been here before but it feels like I’m drownin’ / Sinkin’, am I overthinkin’? / Tell me, am I foolish to think you need me here,” she sings.

While “Not Another Love Song” marks her first solo effort in some time, the singer has been steadily working with other artists since her self-titled debut LP. The singer lent a verses on Mustard’s “Surface” with Ty Dolla Sign, Mahalia’s “What You Did,” and Usher’s “Don’t Waste My Time.”

Watch Ella Mai perform “Not Another Love Song” on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert above.

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