SOURCE SPORTS: Jimmy Butler Tells LeBron James And Lakers ‘They’re In Trouble’ After Game 3 Finals Win

Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat showed some grit by taking game 3 of the NBA Finals 115-104 from the Los Angeles Lakers.

Butler scored 40 points with 11 rebounds and 13 assists while leading his team to victory. Towards the end of the game, Butler was seen telling LeBron James “you’re in trouble.”

While it’s never a good idea to talk trash to James, Butler was asked about his comments to James and it appears he didn’t start the trash talking first.


“We’re not going to act like I’m just out there talking trash, because I’m not. ‘Bron said it to me at the end of the first. That’s what happened. I just said it to him in the fourth quarter,” Butler clarified.

The Heat have a lot of dog in them and will not back down to the Lakers. While the Lakers are up 2-1, and the Heat are short-handed, Butler will not let his team go away without a fight.

Game 4 is set for Tuesday night.