SOURCE SPORTS: Jalen Ramsey and Golden Tate Get Into a Nasty Postgame Brawl

Things got out of hand after Los Angeles Rams defensive back Jalen Ramsey and New York Giants wide receiver Golden Tate had some words for one another.

Ramsey and Tate got into a postgame fight after the Rams won, according to multiple reporters. Greg Beacham of the Associated Press said on TwitterTate and Ramsey “both took swings almost simultaneously and then went down in a heap” before being separated by teammates.

The altercation happened after the game concluded. Obviously, the situation took both teams by shock and you can expect the league to step in and layout fines.


“I have to see and find out all the details right there,” Giants coach Joe Judge said after the game. “I don’t have anything there yet. Obviously, we want to do our fighting between the whistles for 60 minutes. I don’t know all the details, so I’m going to reserve comment on that until I find out everything.”

What makes this brawl even more interesting is the history between the two players.

Ramsey has two children with Tate’s sister, but he broke up with her last year during her pregnancy to date a Las Vegas dancer. Tate has since told the New York Post that he was “not happy at all” with Ramsey for the “disrespect” shown to Tate’s sister. 

Doesn’t take a private investigator to figure out this brawl probably had to do with the history between the two.