Kid Cudi And Dev Hynes Contribute To A Digital ‘Zine For HBO’s ‘We Are Who We Are’

HBO’s new drama series We Are Who We Are debuted this month and as part of the promotional effort, the network has partnered with designer Caleb Flowers for a digital ‘zine playing off the show’s theme. The project will be available in a USB drive containing images, music, and video from the show’s stars and creators, as well as other artists who inspire them, such as Kid Cudi and Blood Orange’s Devonte Hynes, who scored the show and is releasing the score as an album. The content provided aims to answer the question of who “they are,” mirroring the show’s theme of self-discovery.

Cudi and Hynes are just two of the creators contributing to the project, including model Aaron Phillip, musician/producer Instupendo, poet/musician TWEAKS, creative director Quinn Wilson, writer Mimi Zhu, visual artist Riya Hamid, and musician Raveena Aurora. The show’s stars Chloë Sevigny, Jack Dylan Grazer, and Jordan Kristine Seamón also provide content for the zine, which will come in a limited quantity of USBs starting September 28. Don’t worry if you miss out though, the content will also be available in zip format to download at

Meanwhile, Dev Hynes recently remixed Tame Impala’s “Borderline,” while Kid Cudi has been collaborating with Travis Scott on “a lot” of new songs.