SOURCE SPORTS: Dwyane Wade Lets It Be Known Who He Is Rooting For In The NBA Finals

Dwyane Wade couldn’t be happier to see this season’s NBA Finals matchup.

Wade spent 15 of his 17 NBA seasons playing for the Heat. But one of his best friends, LeBron James, plays for the Lakers. 

So who is Wade rooting for? Magic Johnson asked that question, and Wade answered. 


Wade is often called ” Wade County” referring to Wade being the face of the organization. He couldn’t flat out and say he is rooting for one of his best friends when Heat Nation is all about Wade’s contributions to Heat culture.

The Heat will be looking to win their first championship that Wade isn’t on the roster.  Wade led this organization to its first championship in franchise history in 2006, and he followed it up with two more in 2012 and 2013, playing alongside James.

While Johnson asked a great question, it goes without saying Wade is Miami and Miami is Wade.