J. Cole Is Honored With A Larger-Than-Life Mural In North Carolina

North Carolina native J. Cole has been repping his home state since he first began his musical career. Now, Cole is being celebrated for all of his hard work with a giant mural prominently displayed in Durham to honor Cole’s major contributions to the state’s culture.

The mural is the latest work of art by graffiti artist JEKS. According to JEKS, he worked in collaboration with renowned hip-hop photographer Jonathan Mannion to transform one of his Cole photos into a larger-than-life mural. Painted on Durham’s UHill Walls, the mural sits alongside 40,000 square feet of painted walls across 15 contiguous acres. Cole’s profile was painted last week as part of the city’s goal to create the largest consolidated collection of murals in the Southeastern US.

In other J. Cole news, the rapper is apparently the source of Kanye West’s latest Twitter rant. Kanye asked for a “public apology” a few weeks ago from Cole following his 2016 track “False Prophets,” which many believe is a critique of Kanye’s sudden shift to conservative politics. A few days later, Kanye took shots at the rapper’s sneaker design, saying “all pumas designs are embarrassingly trash but I will personally design puma and adidas and make everything ok.” This comment prompted a response from Cole’s manager, who said the rapper was living “rent free” in Kanye’s head.

Check out photos of J. Cole’s massive mural above.