Travis Scott And McDonald’s Are Finally Releasing That Action Figure — But There’s A Catch

Ever since Travis Scott announced his collaboration with McDonald’s using the action figure from his Rodeo album cover in the commercial, fans have been clamoring for the toy to become available. Now, after three sold-out drops of collaborative merch that included floor rugs, chicken nugget body pillows, and all sorts of other zany stuff, they are finally releasing the action figure from the TV spot — but there’s a catch. Fans won’t be able to purchase the toy on Travis’ website or at their local McDonald’s.

Instead, they’ll have to enter a sweepstakes from this weekend, from September 25 to September 27, to win one of just five of the action figures. Fans will need to quote tweet the below and add: “Cactus Jack sent me to @McDonalds #CactusJackSweepstakes.”

To be honest, it’s pretty disappointing that the most hot-ticket item of the whole collab essentially comes down to a lottery prize, but on the other hand, it’s a genius marketing move for Travis and McDonald’s that ensures their social media reach will be effectively absolute over the next three days. It’s big promo for Travis too, as he just released his “Franchise” video, premiering it at IMAX screenings of Tenet. He’s also due to appear in Rihanna’s next Fenty X Savage fashion show, so things are looking up for the Houston star, even if they’re looking bleak for hypebeasts who wanted his McDonald’s action figure.