Bryson Tiller Turns Back The Clock In His ‘Right My Wrongs’ Video

Bryson Tiller released the deluxe edition of his fan-favorite debut album Trapsoul today/last night and to celebrate, he’s also debuted the video for one of the album’s standout songs, “Right My Wrongs.” As is only appropriate for a song from an album released in 2015, Tiller turns back the clock, dusting off his dad hat to recreate the experience of leaving for his first tour — and leaving his girl behind.

The narrative is interspersed with photos from that tour that make it look like he had a blast, so maybe he wasn’t too broken up about it, even if he does end the video in tears, crafting this very song after boarding the plane without his lady love. But the best part of the video may be the subtext subtitles — I have a theory that every movie, TV show, music video, and commercial needs them — showing the disconnect between the couple even as Bryson prepares to shoot to stardom.

The deluxe version of Trapsoul arrives on streaming services just as Bryson is in the middle of the rollout for his third album. So far, he’s released videos for “Inhale” and “Always Forever,” but hasn’t shared a release date just yet.

Watch Bryson Tiller’s “Right My Wrongs” video above.

Trapsoul (Deluxe) is out now via RCA Records. Stream it here.