SOURCE SPORTS: Kevin Durant Continues to Troll Knicks Fans On His Recent ‘Joe Budden Podcast’ Appearance

Kevin Durant seems to just can’t stop trolling Knicks fans.

Durant has given many reasons why he didn’t sign with the Knicks, and now he just wants Knicks’ fans to get over it.

Appearing on The Joe Budden Podcast, Durant said he was bothered by Knicks fans and the media incessantly asking him about his plans in free agency during the 2018-19 season.


“Y’all bothered me for a whole year,” said Durant. “I was trying to just chill and play and worry about my season. But all these Knicks fans and all these Knicks media bothered me the whole year. When it’s my time to talk about it, I gotta shut up now? … Y’all been one to ask these questions for a year. Now that I’m available, it’s a problem?”

Durant can’t keep the Knicks name out his mouth which is unfortunate because he went to the more stable franchise at the moment.

Durant had been anointed the next savior of the Knicks franchise leading up to his 2019 free agency, and clearly he didn’t want that job.

It’s one thing to go on Buden’s podcast and talk about what’s next for the Nets, but to still bring up the Knicks is simply petty.