Album Review: Dorian – Songs In The Key Of Love Part 1 & 2

Encouraged by some good reviews we have come across on Dorian’s project Songs In The Key Of Love Part 1 & 2, we decided to check out what the whole buzz was all about. 

As we can read on Groovy Tracks’ review: ‘Songs In The Key Of Love, part 1 and part 2 are his most ambitious records yet, and a true reflection of his soulful vibe. This groovy tracklist encapsulates a wide range of influences, and is with no doubt stems from being exposed to different genres in his personal life. There is something for every fan in this tracklist, from soul to electro-R&B and pop, giving us a glimpse of Dorian’s tumultuous yet incredibly inspiring life journey’. 

Like many musicians, Dorian has healed his sore soul by composing music, and now we address his struggles throughout the lyrics. According to HipHopHotness, ‘Dorian tells his life story, as he struggled with his sexual identity and his place in the world due to his religious upbringing and even societal views. Growing up in a very conservative place shaped his music as a medium to vent out his troubled thoughts’.

Dorian gets a lot of shoutouts for his abilities to blend genres and influences, and we have to agree with that. He offers his listeners expertly crafted breakbeat tracks that sound effortless yet meaningful. Songs In The Key Of Love LPs punches you with their purity, smooth vibe, pleasant vibe, and rhythmical-tender drums that add a sense of energy to the production. Dorian’s albums with its well-planned pace ripple through the speakers to guide the dance floor, so you can lose yourself. 

Dorian is currently working on a new album that will be named Dream World. The album will pay tribute to all of those who love his music, and everyone who enjoys a smooth R&B-pop mix. Stay tuned for more material from Dorian Lake and follow his Spotify and Instagram.