The President of POP Unveils His Second Track ‘Fly / Shine’

The President of Pop surprised the industry with his story and idea of the persona he wants to expose, and if you have not heard any of his projects, it’s time to get acquainted.


We don’t know who he exactly is, and where he comes from, beyond what we can find on his Spotify bio, check this out: 


The President of Pop hails from the Andromeda Galaxy, specifically from a planet too tiny for Earth’s telescopes to see, although alleged to be the planet once inhabited by The Little Prince. The P.o.P collaborated on “Google-ized by Google’s Eyes, (The No Internet Song)” with a few of Earth’s finest musicians, but insists that the method of his madness is immaterial. “It’s the message that matters,” proclaims our mighty President of Pop,” and the message is this: break free from the grip of Google and Facebook’s algorithms, and instead remember your own soul’s rhythms.”


Intriguing, right? 


Recently The President of Pop (what a humble name, btw!) followed up on his out-of-space debut, and unveiled a second track titled ‘Fly/Shine.’ This new single serves again a blend of genres, and influences, and as an outcome delivers a fusion of EDM, and… rap. The President of Pop is not only a guy from another planet, but also a skilled MC who goes ham with his verses on pop-synth beats.


Check out The President of Pop’s music on his Spotify: