Rick Ross Demands Terry Crews Step Up For the Black Community, Issues New Challenge to 50 Cent

On Thursday night (Aug. 6), Rick Ross and 2 Chainz squared up for their anticipated Verzuz matchup and did not disappoint. The two rap behemoths slugged it out with their unshakable catalog and delivered new and unreleased music for their fans to savor. Ross’ narrow-margin victory included a fistful of surprises, most notably a lost verse from Kanye West’s 2016 track “Famous,” and a preview of his latest single “Pinned to the Cross.” 

The latter finds the self-proclaimed boss ruminating on the tough times endured by African Americans while spewing venom at Terry Crews, who, as of late, has been under attack for his lack of support towards the Black community. “Terry Crews is another c–n who was basically bought,” raps Ross on the reflective track. 

On the eve of battle, Ross spoke to Billboard on his decision to skewer Crews. “When s–t goes down, ain’t no time to explain yourself. You’re either running with us or running from us. That’s what it’s all about,” Ross offered. “It gotta be obvious. Him tiptoeing and moving the way he moves, I’m bringing it to light, and he can take it however he wanna take it, but I ain’t f–king with him.” 

Ross’ candor also extended to his frequent collaborator, Kanye West, who reached out to him with last week. West’s spiral admittedly has the Miami rapper concerned, but he said he doesn’t want to jump into any conclusions before having a real conversation with him. 

“He had somebody reach out to me last week. I slept through the phone call,” he detailed. “I just don’t want to drop him on his head yet because it ain’t clear to me what’s going on. I haven’t really did any due diligence, I just see what headlines come across, and we know a lot of that s–t inaccurate. So I’m gonna wait for his phone call again and hopefully, I’m up to catch that motherf–ker and ask a few questions. He gotta clarify some things, though. It ain’t looking good.”

The MMG commander also revealed his thoughts on 50 Cent’s recent interview with Billboard, where the G-Unit superstar shared his desire to bring Ross’ “B.M.F.” record to his upcoming Starz TV show Black Mafia Family. He said he’ll consider 50’s proposal if he posts a picture on Instagram of himself standing in front of one of Ross’ Wingstop locations with an order lemon pepper wings in-hand. Ross also demanded that 50 takes another picture, holding a Belaire bottle to support one of his many business partnerships. If 50 executes on both, Rozay says he’ll go on his Instagram page, like the photos, and will be open to clearing the record. 


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So what’s funny is when I was on Instagram last week, I saw @xxl posted a video of @richforever rapping to @losangelesconfidential and @50cent “Hate It or Love It.” Ross was so geeked listening to how 50 rapped on the track that he went far enough to call that “his best verse.” So during my conversation with 50, I flipped it on him and asked him to choose his favorite Ross verse or record despite their past rivalry. He chose “BMF” and even went far enough to say he would include the song in his upcoming Black Mafia Family show on STARZ. Talk about crazy?!?! You can check out the rest of 50’s interview with me in the bio. #50cent #rickross #bmf #hiphop #rap #billboard

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“Tell him to take the picture with the Belaire bottle, hold it up and hold it up high,” Ross said. “When I see it, tell him for the first time, I’m gonna come to his page and like the pic.”

With artists struggle financially due to the crushing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ross revealed how he manages to stay resilient as a business-man. In July, he netted a partnership with COOKIES to launch three new marijuana strains, but his Checkers and Wingstop restaurants are proving to be recession-proof, as well. 

“Right now, we’re in a position where if you were only living off being an artist, it’s rough for you right now. This is something I’ve never witnessed not just as an artist, but as a motherfu–er being alive,” he said, later adding: “Now, we really understand the importance of saving, entrepreneurship, and different streams of income. Now is the time where it comes to light.”

Watch Ross’ interview in full, where he discusses his favorite song from his renowned “Maybach Music” series, what to expect from his upcoming album, teaming up with August Alsina for “Entanglements,” and more.