Master P Says J. Cole Is Going to Try Out for the NBA

It appears J. Cole is going after his hoop dreams. According to Master P, Cole is making a detour from his rap career to try out for the NBA.

Speaking to TMZ on Friday, Master P revealed that he spoke to Cole directly about making the transition from rap to the NBA. P famously made the transition himself during the 1998 and 1999 pre-seasons. The veteran baller and rapper claims that Cole is hoping to be the next rapper to make the jump.

“When I talked to J. Cole, he was like ‘You know, big dog you did it. What do you think I would have to do to make it happen?’” Master P explained. “I said to get one of these NBA jerseys, it’s not gonna be easy. It’s gonna be a lot of hate, it’s gonna be a lot of people not believing in you but you know J. Cole – he got the right size, he in the gym!”

Cole insinuated he was pursuing the NBA last week when the rapper released a commercial for his new Puma basketball sneaker, the RS-Dreamer. In the 30-second clip, Cole is shown training while Master P narrates.

Furthermore, in a recent open letter published for The Players’ Tribune, “The Audacity,” Cole explained how basketball has always come second to rap. He revealed that he gave up the chance to play professionally to focus on his equally “delusional” dream of being one of the greatest rappers ever.

Now, after achieving his musical dreams, it appears J. Cole is ready to take a shot at the NBA.