G-Herbo Tabs Saweetie, City Girls, Wale and NLE Choppa For Mental Health Notes Panel

In hopes of aiding struggling Black teens, G-Herbo is collaborating with Audiomack to help restore their mental health with his forthcoming Mental Health Notes Panel, airing today (July 29) at 6:00 p.m. ET on Twitch.

Hosted by Dr. Jessica Clemons MD, the star-studded lineup will include Saweetie, City Girls, Wale, NLE Choppa and NAMI CEO Dan Gillison as speakers for today’s festivities. Designed to provide tools to help Black youth maneuver through the ups-and-downs of mental health, this forum will offer a bevy of techniques to help lessen their everyday battles, while de-stigmatizing the importance therapy in the African American community.

“I wanted to gather everyone to encourage open dialogue, so that we not only become a support system for one another, but our fans as well, Herbo tells Billboard. “People are hurting. They need to know we understand and are here to offer our resources. Whether we accept being role models or not, we have the influence to help heal.”

Added Saweetie: “Mental health is important for the minority community to discuss. Many of us were taught as kids to be ‘hard’ and to not be a ‘cry baby.’ So, at a young age, we’re taught to suppress normal human feelings to make sure we’re not seen as ‘weak.’ This is not right. Expression is important for our mental health. We need to talk about and work through hard issues that affect our mental. Otherwise, the very thing that makes us human will turn us into cold robots.”

Herbo’s initiative is part of his new program titled Swervin’ Through Stress, in which he looks to help improve the mental health of the Black youth who lack the resources to seek assistance.

Herbo, along with Audiomack has teamed up for the Dream Team Fund Program, which will pay for 12 weeks worth of therapy sessions for African Americans between the ages of 18-25.

For those interested in signing up for therapy sessions, head here.