Kyle Dishes on His Duty to Make 'Happy' Music, Favorite Games & More During Billboard's Reddit AMA

Sure, Kyle admitted in his hit “iSpy,” that “when you text me, girl, I don’t always reply.” But regardless of his texting habits, the rapper did reply to a lot of fan questions during Billboard‘s Reddit AMA on Wednesday (July 22).

He kicked things off on Billboard‘s new official Reddit channel by answering a super important question: “Least favorite cereal?” Kyle quickly replied that “with out [sic] a doubt,” he does not love Frosted Flakes.

Kyle then got a bit deep with his fans, responding to a question about the pros and cons about having a “huge smash hit like iSpy a while into your career?”

“This is a good question,” he replied. “Def felt like I needed to match that level of a mega hit.. what it also did is take my very small but tight knit fan base and add a bunch of people who don’t necessarily love me. It’s like if you’re having a very personal family party and a bus load of strangers show up and crash the party. Lol so yeah it’s a lot of cons but the pros are getting my music out to the world.”

Another Reddit user wanted to know if the rapper feels any pressure to continue making his characteristically upbeat, “happy” music. “Yeah I feel a duty to try and uplift as many people as humanly possible before I die,” Kyle explained. “I’m also using happy music as a personal medicine for myself. I m getting high off my own supply kinda lol so either way I will always make happy music, either for other people or for myself as well.”

Last week, Kyle dropped his sophomore album, See You When I am Famous!!!!!!!!!!!!, inspired by his actual senior quote from high school. Naturally, there were plenty of questions about the record, including the most fun track to make (“Bouncin”) and what his senior year class thinks of him now that he actually is famous. “Honestly I think the majority of them are happy for me but Idk,” he noted. As for how he feels about comparisons to Gym Class Heroes, Kyle admitted that he “didn’t know that,” before adding “that’s cool af honestly.”

Kyle is also a big gamer, so fans had a couple of gaming-related Q’s, including his favorite game of all time (The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind), favorite guild in Skyrim (Imperial Legion) and his go-to Super Smash Bros. character (Fox).

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