Human Made Celebrates Pop Smoke With Limited Edition T-Shirts

Human Made and Victor Victor Worldwide have come together to release a special capsule remembering Pop Smoke. The collaboration includes two T-shirts, one specific to Pop Smoke and the other to Victor Victor, which is run by Pop’s former manager, Steven Victor.

The joint project came about as Victor and Nigo of Human Made are longtime friends. “Nigo is one of my biggest inspirations,” said Victor. “The ultimate master in taste and design, The global standard.”

“Pop always wanted to go to Japan and when i mentioned to him that nigo might be doing a design/collab, he was super excited,” the record executive added on Instagram. “These collabs are very special to me.”

The Human Made T-shirts will be available online for 48 hours only, beginning July 19 at 10 p.m. EST. Victor Victor will be donating its portion of the proceeds to Steven’s charitable organization, the Victor Victor Foundation.