DJ Khaled Reveals Title of Drake Collabs and His 12th Album With a Journey Through The Past

He’s the best, the best.

If you’ve ever listened to a DJ Khaled jam then you know that all he does is win… and mention his name occasionally. On Wednesday (July 15), the We the Best boss revealed the title of his upcoming 12th studio album with a 90-second video that takes fans on a journey through his illustrious career, ending with the big reveal of the project’s double-down title: Khaled Khaled.

But just as importantly, he revealed the titles of his anticipated Drake collabs, which drop at midnight tonight (July 16). Posing with a Drake-referencing owl — with two keys in its beak, of course — on his shoulder, Khaled hyped the track “Popstar,” writing, “SOME BOY DEM MAKE POP CHUNE WE MAKE CHUNE THAT GO POP! POP PON THEY HEAD!!,” adding, “Great to collaborate wit the team prod @ozmusiqe we work AMAZING together ALSO BIG UP @ovo40 @ovonoel @chubbsview @futuretheprince @oliverelkhatib always great to work wit the OVO team. WE WORK AMAZING TOGETHER! DRAKE LUV FOREVER !”

The other Drizzy track is titled “Greece,” and Khaled made sure that you don’t get it twisted, this isn’t an A-side/B-side situation. “MORE CHUNE PON THEY HEAD TOP!! #FANLUV I DONT DO SIDE A AND SIDE B With WTB X OVO ITS SIDE A AND SIDE A,” he wrote.

He also posted a trailer for the reggae-tinged “Popstar” video co-starring Spanish actor/filmmaker Jordi Mollà (Speed Kills, Ibiza), playing a heavy that takes credit for making Khaled a star.

Watch the Drake collab and album title reveals and “Popstar” trailer below, plus some candids from the studio.

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