Lil Xan Ends Social Media Silence With Harrowing Story About Health Scare

It’s been several months since Lil Xan posted anything on his social feeds and on Wednesday (July 15) he explained to fans why he’s been silent. “About 2 months ago I suffered from multiple seizures,” the rapper (born Nicholas Diego Leanos), 23, tweeted on Tuesday alongside a smiling picture.

“This was my second time in the last year I’ve been hospitalized for having seizures. I decided it was best for me, my friend’s, family and supporters that I quit all prescriptions pills. The doctor’s wanted me to wean off the pills but I went cold turkey and although it has been the toughest time in my life I’m happy to say that that I’ve been sober from all prescription pills since the scare.”

The rapper, who hasn’t released an album since March 2019’s Heartbreak Soldiers Pt. 2 mixtape, said this period of sobriety is the first time in a long time that he’s felt “alive,” promising that he plans to continue his journey to better himself. “I want to be an example for everyone that it’s never too late to get your life back on track and you are not alone on this journey.”

The message, in which he urges his fans to “Stay Safe. Be Healthy. Never Give Up,” includes a thank you to God for giving him a second chance at life. He also thanked his supporters and promised not to let them down, promising that new music is coming and that it is “the best music of my life and [I] can’t wait to share with you all the things I have in store for the future.”

A spokesperson for Xan could not be reached for further comment on the rapper’s condition or the release date for his new music. Back in Dec. 2018, Xan reportedly entered a rehab facility to deal with his opioid addiction.

Check out his post below.